do what you love <3

As the saying goes, just do it

Back in the day in Earth-2 high school, I saw Akira. Just as on this Earth, I was blown away by what I saw. In that parallel universe, though, Muñoz-2 had the bollocks to form the Japanimation Club but just as it would be in this dimension, no one joined for fear of social suicide.  As a formal club, it got the distinction of having a ^^photo^^ in the yearbook.  Take Muñoz-2’s lead and have the guts to do what you love, dammit 🎌

m ū z bags

One of the first products attempted by mūz and still definitely the most popular, mūz bags are unique and instantly recognizable.  As totes, handbags, sling bags, mini and full-size backpacks, there is a style for everyone. Currently, the Jinn sling bag is the first available mūz bag. If you want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, pick one up. I guarantee you someone will ask you where you got your bag 😀