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you forgot the pockets, dude.

Starting out as totes, mūz bags had no pockets or closure.  Soon after, I made a messenger bag that had a magnetic clasp but still no pockets. Every woman who saw the prototypes told me about pockets, pockets and more pockets.  It didn't sink in until I made a drawstring backpack for myself and again, no pockets. I nearly went mad as all the contents merged into a collective mess. 

In developing the mūz handbags, including multiple pockets were key to progress and signs that I (eventually) listen to (constructive) criticism. Sure, it was more work but when you've never used or worn a handbag before, you best listen to those to have.

Execution-wise, there was a lot of figuring out that I needed to do and more tweaks to the design. Sizing, structural lining, webbing strength - these are all things I had to take care of as I became more concerned with quality.

Today, mūz bags are still handmade. They're releasing in phases and as of now, the Jinn handbags are currently available at Star Showroom. To find out when the rest of the styles will get re-released, subscribe to the mūzletter all the way down ▼


the first m ū z handbag

I had to experiment with different sewing needles, satin liners and how to the shoulder straps.  In hindsight, I wish I looked at other handbags as reference.  I flew blind for a while.  

I think this had one interior pocket, btw.

the JADE sling

I wasn't a huge fan of single strap backpacks until I made one.  I used this one mainly for my climbing gear.  The original version only had one pocket at the top and even though I didn't like cutting the mūz girl image, I had to compromise for better functionality with front pocket.

muz bag JADE sling ONE-THIRD PAGE.png

the JADE backpack

The early characteristic of my bags was having mūz girls shown prominently.  With the multiple panels of those first backpack prototypes, I really didn't like chopping up the image so I implemented a separate pouch.

Lesson learned: this was loaded with pockets and sleeves.