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the badass

she's the girl you admire from afar, the kind who grabs your attention from across a crowded room and doesn't let it go. when you first see her, time stops and the world disappears, leaving nothing behind except you and her…



This was the doodle I did during a production meeting at work. I was thinking about a girl and zoned out. Before I knew it, as the meeting ended,  this face was looking back at me.  

sakura6 FLAT.png

to finish.

Two months later, I finished ~*sakura. Up to that point, ~*sakura was the best thing I ever created. I had no idea who she was or where she came from but that didn't matter because here she was.

It hit me hard when I finished drawing her. I was going through a period of un-creativity where no matter how much I tried, I couldn't draw anything new to save my life. So of course, I tried to replicate the magic. For the next 12 months, I failed and wondered if she was going to be the only one.


name:  .m.

theme song: Shazam! by Spiderbait

personality:  quick tempered, straight forward

favorite colors:  orange, fuschia & black aka Miami

talents & traits:  extremely loyal, bullshit detector, observant, tacit, athletic, quick learner

favorites:  fire-hot jasmine tea, eye makeup, workout gear, basketball,  her two swords - Jordan & Pippen

not favorites:  sugar, liars, exercising patience, hair cair products, 

dreams and goals:  learn how to speak Mandarin & Italian, help people as a profession (doctor, philanthropist, social organizer and such), go to every Smallville landmark in Vancouver (Clana 4ever), always have that hair looking on point, open a bubble tea joint even if she's the only customer