i don't understand a word of korean...

i don't understand a word of korean...

but Clazziquai Project is my all-time favorite band.

They're fun, world-class talents and sound great practicing in front of a bathroom mirror. Yeah, it doesn't make sense but who cares? 

I was introduced to them by a friend who was insane about K-Dramas.  She shared a clip of a catchy Korean pop song called Loverboy and for me, it was instant fandom. To this day, I still don't know what they're saying most of the time.  For them to be my favorite band shows the level of talent they have and how good the music is.

Practicing in a bathroom and THEY STILL SOUND GREAT.

A live performance of Sweety from EBS Space.


A fan vid of PING, this is my go-to wakeup song when I gotta get up before the roosters.

#Curious is from their new album, Travelers. Pick it up because it's great.


A complete change of pace, their cover of The Night You Left shows off their versatility.