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the enigma

just when you think you have her figured out, she suddenly exposes another side of herself. intentional or not, her mystery makes her alluring yet perplexing, leaving you guessing at every turn.

that whirlwind romance...

After failing to place in a design competition a year earlier, I created this hoodie as my followup entry. This time, JADE took every category including BEST IN SHOW. The most asked question was "who is this girl?"

blew me away.

I fell for a girl as hard as you could fall but it ended faster than it started. When she left, there were so many things I didn't get to say. After failed attempts at recapturing the essence of ~*sakura, JADE flowed naturally and was how I saw the girl who went away. 

Weeks after JADE won, my mom and one of my best friends, on the same day, suggested I place my art onto tote bags. In time, I taught myself how to sew, make patterns and find every handbag part I'd ever use on eBay. Their suggestion would eventually become mūz.


name:  JADE

theme song: Signal Fire by Snow Patrol

personality:  spontaneous, funny, enigmatic

favorite colors:  green and teal

talents & traits:  imaginative, first person in the (outdoor) pool, adventurous, does not back down, great hair, night owl, your personal cheerleader, a prankster

favorites:  basketball, exploring, fashion, road trips, guessing games, hand-written letters, popcorn movie marathons, texting, dogs, cosplay makeup, thunder, being outdoors, superhero movies

not favorites:  RPG games (too much work), documentaries, football, zoos, dancing, math, public transportation, indoor swimming pools, 70s music, passive people, Star Trek

dreams and goals:  drive across the U.S., watch every anime series ever made, graduate from an American University

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