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the dreamgirl

she's the girl you admire from afar, the kind who grabs your attention from across a crowded room and doesn't let it go. when you first see her, time stops and the world disappears, leaving nothing behind except you and her…



This was the doodle I did during a production meeting at work. I was thinking about a girl and zoned out. Before I knew it, as the meeting ended,  this face was looking back at me.  

sakura6 FLAT.png

to finish.

Two months later, I finished ~*sakura. Up to that point, ~*sakura was the best thing I ever created. I had no idea who she was or where she came from but that didn't matter because here she was.

It hit me hard when I finished drawing her. I was going through a period of un-creativity where no matter how much I tried, I couldn't draw anything new to save my life. So of course, I tried to replicate the magic. For the next 12 months, I failed and wondered if she was going to be the only one.


name:  ~*sakura

theme song: (Always Be My) Sunshine by Jay-Z f. Foxy Brown & Babyface

personality:  cool, like the Fonz

favorite colors:  orange, fuschia & black aka Miami

talents & traits:  unforgettable, super smart, quick wit, an old soul, speaks in movie quotes, always down to roll when no one else will, can make it look like she's wearing no makeup, usually has two fingers in the air

favorites:  bubble tea(!), movies especially scary but not grody ones, five-cheese macaroni, hair products, subtitles, new experiences, the beach, Chinese phood, Star Trek, her Nikes and bubble tea

not favorites:  soda, long pants, white meat chicken, liars, cold weather, computers, hats, texting, running, large ocean animals you can't see, trolls & haters can go to hell

dreams and goals:  learn how to speak Mandarin & Italian, help people as a profession (doctor, philanthropist, social organizer and such), go to every Smallville landmark in Vancouver (Clana 4ever), always have that hair looking on point, open a bubble tea joint even if she's the only customer

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